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Welcome to my Blog!   It's A Maggie Thing is a blog site dedicated to Maggie Baugh!   Follow along with the things I like (and dont like) and get to know me personally!


SO...I just got the oppurtunity to play fiddle in Tegan Marie's Music Video for her brand new single "I Know How To Make A Boy Cry!!!" This was such an incredible oopurtunity and 100% worth the 11 hour day!!!!!! I seriously can not wait for you guys to see this set!!! IT WAS AWESOMEEEE

NEW EP!!!!!!!! 

IT IS OFFICIAL!!!!! I am recording a brand NEW EP full of new music!!!! I am so grateful because I am doing this all for you guys! This EP Is called "I did it for the fans." EVERYTHING that has happened to me this far is all because of YOU for believing in me and helping me follow this crazy dream!!!!!! 



Guys I am so excited about this.... 

#Announcement coming SOON


Guys it is offical. I am a Nashville Resident! I finally moved here to chase my crazy dream. I can not wait to tell you all about what's coming up! Let me just tell you that you will NOT want to miss it! Guys i am doing this all for you.... I did it for the fans.... 




OKAY LITERALLY..... WAWA is my LIfe. I LOVE picking out my own lunch on the computer. IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO A WAWA THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE!!!!! I took this photo before PROM! YES i did my prom photos at wawa.... 



GUYS HIGHSCHOOL IS OFFICIALLY OVER!!!!!!! It is so crazy to think that all the math homework and crowded halls are now in the past!!!! The ceremony was incredible! I was surrounded by friends and family! Out of the 850 Seniors whograduate, i was the ONLY ONE who danced across the stage!!!!!!!!!! 

HERE IS TO life!!!!! Now i get to look forward to Traffic and Burning toast!!! 



OMG IT'S HERE!!!! I AM GRADUATING!!!!!! I am so excited!!!! The past 4 Years of Highschool were unforgettable and I can not beieve it is over. Today I get to spend One last time with my Senior Class. I will post pictures of me in my gown later, but in the mean time here is my senior photo:) #CLASSOF2K18


This trip was so much fun! I have never been to Virgnia before and it was incredible! Over looking this scenory was so gorgeous. We were about 1,750 feet up on a mountain! The only mountains I have ever scene in Florida are Trash Mountains. On the other side of this goregous scenory, is the Virginia Star. DID YOU KNOW THAT IT IS THE LARGEST MAN MADE STAR IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY???



GUYS!!!! I just sang on stage with one of good friends Aaron Scherz. He was one of the writers on Maddie and Tae's hit song "Girl in a country song." I ACTAULLY WAS ABLE TO SING IT WITH HIM!!!!! CHECK IT OUT ON YOUTUBE!!!!!

Trace Adkins - Tortuga 

Hey guys OMG guess what ! I just got this photo back from Trace ! It was so cool meeting him again. He gave me artist passes and free tickets to Tortuga!!!  Special thanks to Jon Coleman!!! My favorite song from Trace Adkins is "your gonna miss this"!  What's yours ?


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